Widmore says it's nice to see John again. Locke doesn't remember meeting. That's because when they met Widmore was 17 (born 1937, meaning in 2007 he's 70).

The camera in the desert is Widmore's, because - as we suspected - that is the exit point. I've always wondered if it might not also be an entry point, as in perhaps the Nigerian Beechcraft flew over this spot.

Widmore says he feared Ben would trick Locke into leaving, much as with happened with him. He used to be the leader of the Others. Widmore says under his leadership they protected the island peacefully for more than 3 decades (50s, 60s, 70s?) until he was exiled by Ben, just as Locke was. This is the 2nd individual who informs Locke Ben tricked him (Christian also told him this - that HE should have turned the wheel. But doing that would have resulted in Locke leaving the island anyway, so... who's right? Locke says he wasn't exiled - chose to leave. Why would someone do that? Then Widmore realizes it must be to bring back his friends. He tells Locke they've been back nearly 3 years (mid 2007 sometime) and that they are lying about everything (just like Locke told Jack to do).

Widmore admits that he had some philosopher fun by giving John a fake name that in some way related to his original name. He also made him from Canada, and 8 years older than he actually is (1948 birthday).

Widmore gives Locke a phone, and a file of photos of all his friends and where they are now. "I'm deeply invested in the FUTURE of the island, John." This does not look and sound like a man who hired a team of mercenaries to wipe out everyone on the island. But we know he did. Why?

Charles: I wouldn't mention my name to them. No telling what they think of me, having listened to Benjamin's lies.
Locke: How do I know you're not the one who's lying?
Charles: I haven't tried to kill you. Can you say the same for him?
And it occurs to me that I'd like to go back to something I mentioned a couple weeks ago - the connection LOST's producers have admitted to with the computer game Myst. Part of the challenge of Myst is to figure out which of two brothers' stories to buy. One seems crazy, the other cunning - like a liar. In our show, we've seen lies and sanity juxtaposed several times, especially within the construct of faith/believability. MYST SPOILER ALERT - IF YOU'VE NEVER PLAYED BUT INTEND TO, LOOK AWAY -- to beat the game, you must realize that both brothers are lying to you, and the person you can believe, trust, and must set free, is their father. He is the rightful Creator of and resident protector of the island. Have we seen anyone hidden away, imprisoned, needing our help? In fact yes, if we are to believe Locke's vision of Jacob and how he heard him say "Help me!" For now, this is going to be my working assumption - Ben and Widmore are BOTH lying liars and both have a common 'enemy' from which they would like to wrest control of this amazing place.

Widmore tells John the island needs him, and has for a long time. He truly is special. As was Walt (that went nowhere), as is Desmond (that seems to be a dead or loose end). And Locke has some tragic flaw that constantly prevents his specialness from reaching its zenith.

Widmore introduces Abaddon, who will chauffeur and protect Locke. Abaddon gets a wheelchair for John, same as he did the first time they met. Locke intends to fly to Santo Domingo first - for Sayid. The camera pauses on a roadside sign they pass that says "Noire," French for black. A clue to which side Widmore/Abaddon play for? It also has a scorpion on it - a sign of danger.

Jeremy Bentham Visits His 'Friends'

Sayid: Working for a Habitat for Humanity-type organization in the Dominican to purge his evil deeds. Sayid refuses to go back. For two years, he says, Ben was manipulating him into thinking he was protecting everyone. This is very interesting to Locke. So, Sayid asks, who is manipulating you, John? Locke says this comes from him, nobody else, but that's not true. It comes from Christian, and from Widmore. Sayid says if he had never left, he never would have experienced the best 9 months of his life. So again, how can it be said these people were never supposed to have left?