Locke: Still in a wheelchair, but not embarrassed or full of self-pity about it. I want to believe he got to go on his Walkabout, like he tells Boone (he sounds so honest), although that brings into question why he is then on 815. The reason he was on this flight the first time is because he was not allowed to go on the Walkabout. So if he did go on it, shouldn't he be on a different return flight about 10 days into the future? Locke is genial, and confident. So much so that - knowing that Katey Sagal has signed to return to the show - I wondered if Locke might be married to Helen. I checked his hand - no ring. Bummer.

Hurley: Instead of cursed, Hurley is now doing what Jacob once suggested, and looking at everything in his life as luck or a blessing instead, even calling himself "the luckiest guy in the world," which only makes him more confident, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead of owning one Mr. Cluck's franchise, he now owns the company, and has gone global. Good to hear the "Have a cluckety-cluck-cluck-day" line again, in a bad Aussie accent this time.

Arzt: Still annoying, bugging Hurley to "say the line," but far less so. Holds a book or card with pictures of scorpions and ticks on it, so is still fascinated with bugs.

Sawyer: Whatever happened to him in Australia, it wasn't an accidental killing which he's regretting. He grins from ear-to-ear most of the episode, though he still makes it his business to pick up on everything that's happening around him (Hurley having money, Kate being in cuffs). He truly looks like a "confidence man," even helping a pretty girl escape airport security. The tortured past and present are - if they exist - not obvious on his face in the least.

Kate: Not much different in her character or storyline yet from what we can tell. Still running, still pulling guns, still telling lies, still "a murderer" (though there is rampant speculation that it wasn't her father she killed in this bizzaro timeline). We'll have to wait and learn more about her.

Sun and Jin: Biggest revelation to me was that they're not married (did you catch that?). Not only is she not wearing a ring, and wistfully talking about how happy Bernard and Rose look together, but when Customs hauls Jin away, they address her as "Miss Paik" instead of "Mrs. Kwon." This small fact of not being married doesn't stop Jin from telling her to button up that top button, though, one of the many things that made us roll our eyes at him in the first season. He's still flying for the purpose of delivering the watch, and still works for Paik Industries, but he's got some heavy cash in his suitcase. Does Sun understand English? The question put to her from the Customs agent about if she does, now would be a good time to say so, is meant to parallel the original storyline, but here, I don't think she does. Not having married Jin, she probably hasn't had reason or desire to learn yet. Why is she traveling with him? Perhaps as an emissary of her father's company? Not sure yet.

Charlie: He's wearing the ring, and he's got drugs. Was he attempting to hide them by swallowing them, or was it a suicide attempt? All we know is that he tells Jack he shouldn't have saved him because he's "supposed to die." We know that's a big part of the Charlie storyline originally, but he sure has accepted this fate - if it is indeed still his fate - a lot earlier in this timeline than he did in the old one. He's one of the few characters that looks LOST on this new 815.

Boone: I like the way the show covered for Maggie Grace being unwilling to return as Shannon. It's just a part of Boone's story. He did go to get her out of a relationship, she probably conned him, but it didn't eat him up. He's able to leave her behind, something which took one heck of a drug-induced vision quest from Locke the first time around for him to realize.