Rose and Bernard: If she has cancer, they're not acting like it. Perhaps she's still living under the lie she told Bernard about having been healed at Ayers Rock, and he's giddy about it. Only thing we know for sure is they're happy, and they aren't bickering.

Sayid: SOMETHING is definitely different in this new timeframe if Iraqi passengers are not only not looked at suspiciously, but are trusted to help during in-flight emergencies by kicking in doors and holding air bags over passengers' mouths. Sayid has no qualms about anything weird happening when he asks if he can be of assistance. Sayid does carry a photo of Nadia, but it's different than his old one. Here, Nadia looks like a college student. Perhaps Sayid is flying to visit her.

Cindy: Good to see her with lots to do again.

The Pen: Ha! I laughed when Jack was looking for a pen as he tried to get Charlie breathing. Direct parallel to Boone wanting to find a pen to shove into Rose's trachea the first day on the island, the original 9/22/04. Jack can't find his pen because Kate, when bumping into him outside the bathroom, plucked it from his pocket to use in her eventual escape attempt.

Frogurt: Frogurt lives! And he didn't appreciate Kate trying to steal his cab when "there's a line!" Reminds me of how the Others once told the 815ers, "there's a line."

Claire: We only see her for a second in the taxi Kate commandeers, and of course, her belly is hidden. So we don't even know for certain she's pregnant.

Desmond: As always, he's our wildcard. Is he really there? Jack is the only one who actually interacts with him. Rose and Bernard didn't see him... but was it because they were sleeping, or because he wasn't truly there? When Cindy goes to find a doctor on board and comes to Jack, she doesn't seem to notice anyone in the aisle seat. But from Jack's perspective, he squeezes out past Desmond.

We have no "first-time-around" comparison to go by with Desmond, and no reason for him being on that flight. We don't know if he's with Penny or not. All we know is he seems perfectly content, he and Jack wonder how they know each other (is this from their stadium-steps encounter in LA, though, or is it from the island?), and he's reading a book: Haroun and the Sea of Stories, by Salman Rushdie. According to Wikipedia, "It is a phantasmagorical story set in a city so old and ruinous that it has forgotten its name. Haroun and the Sea of Stories is an allegory for several problems existing in society today." Ghosts? Ancient ruins? Also interesting is a friend was just commenting to me the other day that the Others - those who dwell in the Temple and protect the island - need a better name. I mean, what do they call themselves? Have they been around so long they've "forgotten?"

Ana-Lucia, Michael, Libby, Eko: It's believed these characters ARE on the plane, we just haven't seen them yet. Walt? If Michael is with Walt, a new actor will surely have been cast in the role of the kid. But it's my guess, sadly, that the once-promising Walt storyline is truly finished, and that if Michael is indeed on the plane, it's probably because Susan never died and Michael just went to Australia for a visit.

If there's one thing most of these characters seem to have in common in this rebooted timeline it's that fear seems to be gone. Charlie is not afraid of his fate. Locke is not afraid of what people will think about his condition. Boone is not afraid to be without Shannon. Sawyer's not afraid of his past, or of getting caught. Rose and Bernard are not afraid of cancer. Sayid is not afraid of American prejudice. Even Arzt is not afraid that everyone is in an exclusionist clique - instead he's outgoing. Most of them seem changed for the better... for now.