Can I just start this segment by saying even though it's a tad confusing how the events of this new-815 alternate universe are occuring, I am so thankful for them. Can you imagine not being treated to this intriguing lighter fare right now, and only having to digest the big globs of growing darkness that is island life circa 2007-8?

Our opening shot is of a taxi outside Nadia's house. Several of our Sideverse stories have begun with a vehicle (Kate's cab, Locke's van, Jack's Jeep). Doubtful it means anything other than showing us how and where they went directly from LAX to their varied appointments.

Interesting shot as Sayid approaches Nadia's door: we get both a black-and-white motif with the door color and design, as well as the mirrored reflection theme. Here, Sayid's reflected face is split right down the middle between clear and blurred out. Kinda like how we just don't know what his good/evil pH-balance is right now, as we never were privy to the exact readings of Dogen's machine. The whole idea did make me laugh, though, as I remembered a Simpsons episode where a toy Krusty the clown doll was trying to kill Homer. When the company rep arrives, he takes the doll, points to a switch under the shirt and says, "Ah, here's your problem. Somebody set this doll to 'evil.'" If only it were that easy for us with our old friend Sayid, we'd just flip him straight to "good" and move on...

  • Timeline Similarities: Sayid still loves Nadia; Nadia still loves Sayid; Sayid is still a tortured torturer from the Republican Guard, trying to "earn" his redemption; he still has a brother (who still probably can't kill his own chickens); he and Jack cross paths in St. Sebastian's hospital (guess they had no time or reason to recognize each other from Sayid's save-Charlie assist on the plane the day before); he fights Keamy.
  • Timeline Differences: Sayid pushed Nadia towards Omer, they have kids who adore their "Uncle Sayid;" Sayid works for an oil company as a translator

What did Sayid give to the kids? Boomerangs, tokens of his work trip to Sydney. What do you think of when you think of boomerangs? Toys/games, or weapons? Things that "come back around," ala karma? You see the symbolism of any/all. In the episode, one of the boomerangs causes an accident. Sayid "fixes" what was "broken," a task more in the mold of one of our other favorite characters...

We learn that Sayid's next destination is Toronto. It sticks out a bit, but I can't find any significance, except possibly this: it's been noted on many sites that mentions of Canada are usually lies: Ethan lied about being from Ontario, as did Anthony Cooper. Kate lied about being from Canada. Ben has a fake Canadian passport, as does "Jeremy Bentham." The gals in the Looking Glass station were believed to be "on assignment in Canada" instead. Sawyer once claimed to have an investor in Toronto. So... is Sayid lying to his niece and nephew about where he's going next?

More "what kind of man is Sayid, really" stuff and more parallels with Jin stuff going on with Sayid when his brother wakes him up in the night to explain the loan sharks who are tormenting him. Omer pleads with Sayid to "convince" them to stop. I heard a distinct echo to the days where Jin was asked by Mr. Paik to "deliver a message," and then back directly to this episode's on-island sequences where Sayid is ALSO asked to "deliver a message." And just like it meant way back when in Jin's flashbacks, the not-so-subtle connonation is the same - kill for me, won'tcha? Sayid protests to Omer that "I am not that man anymore," but just like we've seen so many times, it only takes the tiniest push, the smallest prompting to get him back to that point. And, one could argue this is even a good thing. We all need protectors like this. Sayid quite possibly saved his entire family, so... is he a good person or a bad person? Discuss amongst yourselves. We'll come back to that in a bit. We're not through with that issue by a longshot.