So… just like that, Sun is fine? Mikhail's gunshot hurt neither her nor her baby?


Rushed, right? I guess the budget for blood and an ER-type environment didn't make.


We got back to a mirror image being prevalent in this episode. It was unique in that it shifts from Jack's face to Locke's face at the operating table, and was itself a mirror image of the scene where Jack operated on Ben. Any thoughts on that?


Good to see life through the looking glass again. I think as Jack gets tired and/or challenged and/or fearful during this surgery, the Constants of Locke and the surgery he did on Ben are going to cause him to have some flashes of his own. Ultimately, though, I can't help but wonder if he's going to fix Locke to the point he'll be able to walk again. The whole "dural sac" line was a big clue to a parallel to Jack's first surgery, the one where he had to allow fear in for 5 seconds, the one after which Jacob touched him.


Did Sayid kill Desmond?


Even if I try to talk myself into answering yes, I can't. Cool cat Desmond asked Sayid all the right questions, Brotha, including the one that brought to mind the archetypes of all the great stories about pining for a lost love where, if the wish was granted for the return of the lost one, the results were either horrifying or tragically sad. Sayid is set to thinking about "honor," and how he would best honor Nadia's memory. He could never look her in the face and tell her what he did. And we get a clue about that when she reacts in horror in the Sideverse at knowing he has "hurt someone," even if his motives were to protect her husband and children.


The next question is whether or not Flocke knows or cares whether Sayid killed Desmond. This one is harder for me to figure. All he has to do is "read his mind," which makes me wonder if maybe Sayid shot Desmond with a non-lethal wound in case the Locke Monster did flash him and see if there was a shooting involved. I think, maybe, that when Sayid says, "Go and check if you like," and they stare each other down for a moment, that the MiB does his flashy thing there. Either way, I think the MiB has contingencies. If Desmond is dead, good. If not, well, he's still not anywhere Widmore's going to find him soon.


The biggest disappointment to me was the knowledge that Desmond's just sitting in a shallow well, as opposed to having fallen through to some icy cavern with strange minerals and electromagnetism and donkey wheels.


Why is Miles using the last name "Straume" in the Bizarro timeline (introduced himself to Nadia as "Detective Straume")? Why wouldn't he have kept the surname Chang?


Great question. I had been assuming all along that Detective Miles of the LAPD was, logically, Miles Chang, as he would have had little reason to change, considering he has a good enough relationship with his father to set up his partner with one of Pierre's colleagues. Chalk this up to another case of confusing identity, one of our running themes.


How did Sun get her voice back?


Well, she sure thought Flocke was the one who took it from her. I never did, so I tend to believe him when he says he didn't. For one thing, him "taking" things from knocked-out women goes against what we know about him and how he is forced to give people a choice.