And that's how I still feel today. Our show is coming to an end, as are the journeys of the characters. But just as death is not the end for the true believer, I suspect the same is true for the heroes of LOST. They will live again, perhaps in the Sideways world, where we know that Jin and Sun are fine (Jin passes Locke in the hospital hallway bringing flowers to Sun - not just one, like he used to, but a whole bouquet), and Sayid is alive, too, even if he's in police custody and has again lost Nadia.


Amid all the sadness, what made my heart happy was the ultimate sacrifice of Sayid. Sickness shmickness. He spared Zoe, he let Desmond live, he fell on the grenade so that his friends could go on. Free will remains free will even for those who are claimed, damned, believe they are beyond hope. Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. I was reminded of one of Sayid's lines in the Season Five finale, where he lay wounded and where Jack had another plan involving a bomb: "If this works, you might just save us all. And if it doesn't, at least you'll put us out of our misery." Yes, I think Sayid's redemption story wrapped up nicely. He was both saved and put out of his misery.


The Candidate


But what was that Sayid said to Jack just before running down the hallway with the bomb? "It's going to be you"? And you're going to need Desmond? What has Sayid figured out? I think he has gleaned through Jack's faith-based correct answer about the bomb, his desire not to leave the Island, and insight into the MiB's scheme that Jack has truly embraced and understood what's really going on here, and as such he is the one who is going to emerge as the one final candidate.


What's that going to look like? I don't know, and we're going to wait a couple weeks to find out, probably, as next week's episode "Across the Sea" is said to include no regular cast members, and which the previews indicate is most likely the complete backstory of Jacob and his Nemesis, who are shown playing a rather interesting-looking game…


I was reminded of the game theme when Jack asked Locke in the hospital whether he would "go first" in their taking of turns on letting things go. I thought this was one of the best-acted scenes ever in LOST. Both of these men have seen a lot of coincidence and parallels since their flight landed in Los Angeles. Jack is floored by them, and Locke is even saying things like "push the button" and "I wish you had believed me" in his sleep as he recovers from surgery. Jack even turns "I wish you believed me" back on Locke in the hallway before Locke wheels himself away. But neither of them has yet to have the full-on Charlie-type conversion. It looked to me like Locke, before he exits this scene, was possibly having his memory jarred, but if he was, he ignored it and left anyway.


The Pilot


Well, Seth Norris and Frank Lapidus aren't the only pilots we've seen on LOST, it turns out. John Locke had private pilot's license. And his first solo flight went terribly wrong. This is what put Locke in the wheelchair in the 815 timeline, and put his father into a vegetative state. I have what I think are some interesting thoughts about all that…


The scene in the nursing home with Helen, Jack, and Cooper gave me a real Twilight Zone feel, despite the touching music that was playing. That's because my brain was making this case: