1. Just as in our original timeline, John Locke doesn't share the same last name as Anthony Cooper, despite saying he loved that man and acknowledging him as his father. This leads me to assume their histories are the same as we already knew - Locke was born with his mom's last name, raised in foster homes, and at some date during adulthood was looked up by Cooper. 

  2. Cooper was still a con man, still the original Sawyer, the very one James Ford has been trying to track down (and not having any success. Perhaps Cooper's state explains why). I believe that Cooper, just as before, set up the get-to-know-my-son-for-a-kidney con game. 

  3. During their bonding time (integral to Cooper's con to gain Locke's trust and love), Locke asked Cooper to fly with him. Note that Locke says his dad protested, saying he was "afraid of flying." The Anthony Cooper we knew had no such fears, always jetting off to the next con. I think he was just really uninterested in going along for this activity with John. But as John insisted, Cooper felt it was in his best interest to go along and continue building that all-important trust. Only thing is, then the plane crashed, leaving Locke paralyzed, and Cooper a vegetable. 

  4. Therefore, John Locke never had to suffer learning his dad's true motives to use and abuse him, and so isn't completely broken in his soul. But fate still made sure he became paralyzed and that his dad was involved in that happening in some way.

Cool, right?


What I'm wondering now - with Lapidus probably dead (poor superfluous Frank) - is whether or not Locke's pilot training is going to come into play some more. The plane is the only vehicle left. There is nobody else left (to our knowledge) who knows how to fly one. Several people have been speculating for some time now that we might somehow see LA Locke transfer his consciousness over to his Island doppelganger, boot out the MiB-within, and save the day. If so, look for him to fly his old friends to safety.


More Mirrors


It's not just reflections themselves that are so curious on this show, it's how the dialogue and situations repeat and reflect from previous seasons, too. Sometimes they repeat so frequently it gets distracting, where you go, "I'm supposed to know that line from an earlier conversation, aren't I?" Sawyer and Kate being back in their old cage is another example. All of this has somehow happened before…


I loved the moment Jack and Claire shared in the hospital waiting room where Jack buys an Apollo bar from the vending machine (this time it falls just fine - no Jacob required to "give it a little push"). Claire has been given a music box by Christian. She doesn't know what it means. She and Jack - the Shephard kids - are reflected together in its mirror. It plays "Catch a Falling Star." That old chestnut again. This song keeps popping up in association with Claire and Aaron. Time was that Claire had memories of her father singing that song to her as a baby. But here, it doesn't seem to register as having any significance. It's a minor detail, similar to the one Jack shares about how he went down to Sydney to retrieve his dead father (originally, he went down there to find and bring back his living father).


I had some theories about "Catch a Falling Star" the last time we heard it, during "Sundown" when Claire was singing it down in the hole of her Temple holding cell. I won't go into them all here, but I will mention that the lyrics to that song are so simple they almost defy dissection. That doesn't mean they don't give me the creeps, though, the way this song has been used on the show, and that I suspect the way to view it might be as a reference to the Devil, a fallen angel or fallen star. Viewed that way, it continues to bother me having that song follow Aaron, the odd child of prophecy, around…