In Jack's office, we get one of those stick-out lines when Locke looks at a photo of David and mentions how much he looks like Jack. Why? Why the small talk? It's not like we need to establish something for these two to discuss. It's lines like this that tell one to make a mental note: remember how much David looks like Jack. The resemblance is probably going to end up being important somehow.


But then Locke and Jack really get down to brass tacks. Classic LOST lines like "Don't mistake fate for coincidence" and "What if all this happened for a reason?" make cameos. But the bottom line, as Locke puts it, is: "Call it whatever you want; here I am. And I think I'm finally ready to get out of this chair." Faith and action. No quibbling over details, just: belief, letting go, moving on, embracing change, and doing something. Together.


The Magical Mr. Hume


Desmond, meanwhile, goes on to hook up with Sayid and Kate in jail, and enlists the help of Ana-Lucia and Hurley in busting them all out. Even Hurley's Hummer and his Camaro end up playing their parts! You couldn't not love how Hurley has clearly undergone his full Desmondic conversion, as evidenced by his slip of "Hey, you didn't tell me Ana-Lucia was going to be here." He recognizes her on sight. She of course has no idea who he is, and is content to take her $125,000, call him Tubby, and be referred to as "not ready yet" by Chef Desmond. Kate and Sayid, however, have already been asked by Desmond to grant him their "trust" if he were to succeed in freeing them from custody. Sayid goes off with Hurley in the Hummer, while Kate is given a skimpy black dress and is to accompany Desmond in the Camaro. This concert is going to be some event.


Miles is looking forward to it so much he's already putting on his tie, and Sawyer is so scared of seeing Bitter Charlotte that he'd just as soon skip out on his invitation. So something's still got to happen to get James Ford to the event. But we can count the following…


Already having RSVP'd: Pierre Chang (museum), Charlotte Lewis (museum), Miles Straumme, Jack Shephard (intends to come anyway; we'll see if he makes it or is sent on a fool's errand for the missing coffin), David Shephard (performing), Kate, Sayid, Hugo, Desmond, Claire (with Jack, David), Juliet (assuming she's David's mom)


Assume they're coming: Dogen (son probably playing), Eloise Hawking (benefit organizer?), Charles Widmore (with Eloise), Daniel Faraday (probably playing in the concert; anything to see Charlotte some more), James Ford, Libby (with Hugo?), Penny (with Desmond?)


Not responded yet: Frank Lapidus, John Locke, Helen Norwood, Charlie Pace, Benjamin Linus, Danielle & Alex Rousseau, Jin & Sun Kwon, Boone Carlyle, Shannon Rutherford, Rose & Bernard Nadler, Arzt, Frogurt, the Marshall, Dr. Ethan Goodspeed, Matthew Abaddon, Naomi Dorritt, Nadia, Ilana Verdansky


Highly doubtful: Michael (and Walt) Dawson (didn't they live in NYC?), Anthony Cooper, Ana-Lucia Cortez (Desmond says she's "not ready yet")


Regretfully unable to attend: Mr. Eko. If you didn't already know, the producers could not reach an agreement wth Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje to return.