Mirrors / Reflections? Well, a lot of time was spent over several seasons discussing the concepts of "Through the Looking Glass" and "See you on the other side." The mirrors, I think, represent the soul looking back at the body. Knowing now that the people in the reflections were dead, it gives a strong sense that they are having the chance in DeadWorld to "reflect" upon the lives they led, and to really see themselves for perhaps the first time.


Will We See the Kids? We were told we would, and we did. Though one was in an ultrasound, and the other as a newborn - not at all what I expected. I thought we'd see something like grown-up Ji Yeon, Aaron, Little Charlie, Clementine, etc. coming to the strange Island their parents once inhabited…


Was it all a Game? Nope. But as mentioned above, the gaming themes remain elemental to an understanding of the series. And sure enough, some did win. And some definitely LOST.


I Have My Educated Guesses to Keep Me Warm


The Beechcraft - How Did This Small Plane Get from Nigeria to the Island? My favorite theory is it flew over the spot in Tunisia (which I like to think lies on the exact opposite side of the world as our Island) just as Richard or someone was using the donkey wheel to leave the Island, and there was a "trade" in time and space. One swapped places with the other?


Who Completed the Donkey Wheel Project? It was either Jacob himself (and I'm not convinced he was brilliant enough), or it remained there until Dharma found the wheel and hooked it up themselves. I prefer to think it was Jacob, because I think this is the "privileged information" Richard once told Locke about regarding how to leave the Island.


Who destroyed the Roman village, killed the people, filled in the well? I think Mother and Jacob did this together the morning after she made him "like her." We know Jacob is a fantastic fighter (remember how he has pummeled his brother and kung-fu'd Richard) and that Mother has strength that belies her frame (smashing Claudia's head in, braining her own son against the wall of the well). Plus, their sennet game was found at the scene of the attack. What I don't think is that either Jacob or Mother turned into a smoke monster to accomplish this raid.


Why is Hugo Nicknamed Hurley? We never did find out, did we? He told us in Season One that he's "not tellin'"… and he never did. So I like to think it was something embarrassing relating to his eating problems and possibly vomiting. Something that doesn't come close to describing who he really is as a person, his real identity.


The Hurley Bird - What the Heck? I dunno, but this could be anything. From a talking bird that used to live in the Dharma zoo and heard either our Losties or the Whispers say Hurley's name at some point, so a simple foreshadow that Hurley would one day rule over the birds and beasts of the Island.


The Cabin - Whose Was It, What Happened There, and Why Does it Seem to Move Around? This is admittedly the toughest one for me to figure. I'll have to go back and re-watch some scenes, but I don't know if that will help much, as I suspect our writers were still kinda fleshing out all the little details of our story during those days. What we know is that it was built by Dharma's Horace Goodspeed in the 70s as a retreat for his family. It's entirely possible that Jacob used this place to give instructions to Dharma folks, just as he used his statue as his base for giving instructions to Richard. After all, there's gotta be some reason Dharma's presence was tolerated on the Island until Ben came to power. At some point, Ben used the cabin because it was Jacob's base, or because he wanted people to think it was Jacob's base, the place he went to get instructions from (from his point of view) the unseen, perhaps-not-there-but-I-can-use-this-to-my-advantage "god" of the Island, the one I can get my people to do whatever he says. At some point, as mentioned by Ilana, "someone else" began using it -- the MiB whom Locke saw throw Ben across the room and heard say "Help me." And who Hurley spied through the window as Christian, and who was probably also the scary eyeball that showed up at the window scaring Hurley.