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Julie Ferwerda Christian Blog and Commentary

OYB January 2

3:1 "Did God really say you must not eat any of the fruit in the garden?" This is the first lie ever recorded, and notice what Satan goes after—God’s character, namely His goodness. Here is what he implied, “Did that big mean bully really put you in a garden with all this delicious fruit and then tell you that you can’t have any of it?” God never said they couldn’t eat any fruit in the garden, but Satan was trying to cast God in the worst light possible.

3: 2-3 "Of course we may eat it," the woman told him. "It's only the fruit from the tree at the center of the garden that we are not allowed to eat. God says we must not eat it or even touch it, or we will die."

Eve gives her improved version of God’s instruction. Did she forget what God said? Did she purposely exaggerate? Maybe she wanted sympathy. Or quite possibly Eve didn’t get go know God like she should have, even though He spoke His word to her. We often criticize Adam and Eve, but the truth is, we are no different. We don’t take time to understand God’s Word to us either, and He remains misunderstood, misquoted, and misrepresented.

3:4 “You won’t die!” Satan’s second lie, and a very costly one. He still tells you and I today, every time we face temptations, that our sin isn’t going to kill us. Yet as we give into temptation and pursue sin, we watch our dreams die, our relationships die, our passion for life die, our witness die, our peace…so many parts of an abundant life come to their death through sin.

3: 6 The fruit looked so fresh and delicious, and it would make her so wise! Sin always looks fresh and delicious! It actually tastes that way many times, too. But the results are deadly.

So she ate some of the fruit. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her. Then he ate it, too. Adam was with her. Perhaps he was only in the vicinity, or perhaps he sat passively by. Either way, I think if one person sinned, they both had to sin. I don’t know how it could have worked if only one of them chose sin. Maybe God allowed Eve to sin first because He knew that men are suckers when it comes to enticement by a gorgeous babe. ☺

3:9 The LORD God called to Adam, "Where are you?" God still calls to you and me when we’re hiding in our sin. Have you ever been there, running away or hiding from God? I sure have. But it’s so beautiful that just like Jesus said the shepherd will go off looking for one lost sheep, He also comes looking for the sheep who forget they can come home when they are far away, sheepishly hiding in shame.

3:15 From now on, you and the woman will be enemies, and your offspring and her offspring will be enemies. He will crush your head, and you will strike his heel. A Messianic (Jesus) prophecy. A great New Testament reminder of this verse is Romans 16:20, The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.

In David Guzik’s commentary, he points out that this verse is very significant and is called the protoevangelium, or the first gospel. Luther said of this verse: "This text embraces and comprehends within itself everything noble and glorious that is to be found anywhere in the Scriptures (Leupold).” There is no doubt this is a prophecy of Jesus' ultimate defeat of Satan. The heel is the part within the serpent's reach; Jesus, in taking on humanity, brought Himself near to Satan's domain so Satan could strike Him. This prophecy also gives the first hint of the virgin birth; declaring the Messiah, the Deliverer, would be the Seed of the Woman, but not of the man. And finally, God prophesies the doom of Satan, showing that the real battle is between Satan and the Seed of the Woman.

3:22-23 Then the LORD God said, "The people have become as we are, knowing everything, both good and evil. What if they eat the fruit of the tree of life? Then they will live forever!" So the LORD God banished Adam and his wife from the Garden of Eden…” Being banished from the Garden of Eden was not a punishment; it was a blessing. If they had eaten from the tree of life in their state of sin, they would have had to remain in sinful, sick, broken, hurting bodies forever. God had a plan to resurrect our bodies into a renewed state that will once again be restored to life everlasting.

Note the fulfilled prophecies in Christ: Matthew 2:15, 18, 23, and 3:3. I love how Josh McDowell points out that for just 8 specific prophecies to be fulfilled in one person, the odds would be 1 in 10 to the 17th power. That is, 1 chance in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000. But with Jesus, there were more than 30 major specific prophecies fulfilled! Where do you see odds like that in psychics, or gods, or religions anywhere in history?

Psalm 2 is a Messianic prophecy. These verses foretell the day when the Son of God, Jesus Christ, will come to set up His kingdom and rule the earth from Jerusalem during the Millennial Kingdom or Sabbath Millennium. I believe vs 2-3 are about the end of this period when all the unbelieving kings left on the earth rise up against Jesus but are defeated (I’m learning about all this and it will certainly be covered later). To the wicked still living on earth, obeying Jesus is like slavery. To those of us who love Him and understand His goodness, we know it’s freedom and joy.

2:7b Check out the footnote about this verse. “Today I reveal you as my son.” This is Father God talking to Son prophetically.

In fact, you will see that so many of the Psalms were prophetic, which is cool because David, the author of many Psalms, was a “Christ-type” or a figure in history that had symbolic spiritual characteristics and events similar to Jesus. Other Christ-types were Joseph (Old Testament), Moses, and Solomon.

Questions for personal application:
•    Has Satan ever whispered to you through your thoughts or circumstances that God isn’t good?
•    What potential blessings and opportunities have you seen die as a result of giving into temptation and sin?
•    Do you struggle with hiding from God in shame of feelings of failure? He is always looking for you, ready to reestablish fellowship and intimacy.