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Julie Ferwerda Christian Blog and Commentary

OYB October 26

Today's One Year Bible Reading


50:2 Tell the whole world, and keep nothing back. Raise a signal flag to tell everyone that Babylon will fall! Her images and idols will be shattered. As you read these verses about Babylon, realize that they are likely prophesying the demise of the spiritual Babylon mentioned in Revelation. It is a world system in Revelation, but I personally do not believe it is literally the city (even though it is being built up again, I still think the prophecies are in spiritual context for what Babylon represents). Don't forget that Babylon and Egypt are pretty much where all the pagan worship and idols began (WAY back in Genesis!). So I think Jeremiah is prophesying that Babylon with all of her idols will finally be destroyed by the Kingdom of Jesus.

50:4-5 "In those coming days," says the Lord, "the people of Israel will return home together with the people of Judah. They will come weeping and seeking the Lord their God. They will ask the way to Jerusalem and will start back home again. They will bind themselves to the Lord with an eternal covenant that will never be forgotten."

50:20 In those days," says the Lord, "no sin will be found in Israel or in Judah, for I will forgive the remnant I preserve." He must be speaking of spiritual Israel and Judah here, since He uses the word "remnant."

50:23 Babylon, the mightiest hammer in all the earth, lies broken and shattered. Babylon is desolate among the nations! Can you imagine living in a world where there is no spiritual harlotry, idols, habit sins, or greed?

50:37-39 (selected) The sword will strike [Babylon's] treasures, and they all will be plundered. The sword will even strike her water supply, causing it to dry up. And why? Because the whole land is filled with idols, and the people are madly in love with them. ...Never again will people live there; it will lie desolate forever. Remember this is spiritual Babylon. Never again will be live in this  terrible captivity to our sinful fleshly temptations/desires. We will be free at last! No more battle over the flesh. Whew...I can't wait!

50:44 "I will come like a lion from the thickets of the Jordan, leaping on the sheep in the pasture. I will chase Babylon from its land, and I will appoint the leader of my choice. For who is like me, and who can challenge me? What ruler can oppose my will?" This is the exact prophecy we saw yesterday about Moab (49:19)!

50:46 The earth will shake with the shout, "Babylon has been taken!" and its cry of despair will be heard around the world. Yeehaw! Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! This will be a MIGHTY event-breaking the power of Babylon over the world! That is why the earth will shake.


1:1-3 This letter is from Paul, a slave of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ. I have been sent to proclaim faith to those God has chosen and to teach them to know the truth that shows them how to live godly lives. This truth gives them confidence that they have eternal life (life during the age), which God-who does not lie-promised them before the world began (before the times of the ages).

There are several important clues in this passage. Paul said he has been sent to the "chosen." Not even to all believers, but to the chosen (those who will overcome and rule and reign with Christ during the MK). This makes the next part of the verse make perfect sense: so that they will have confidence of "life during the age" (MK) which was promised to His overcomers before the ages. I have often heard that the Bible is a book written to and about the chosen. When you keep these glasses on, it makes so much more sense! Truths become illuminated. Remember this is not about being chosen for salvation, but for a "special salvation" and reward of the first resurrection ahead of those who are not overcomers. As far as I can tell, all believers are called to be chosen, but only those who respond to the call are truly included. For more on the two resurrections, check out my latest blog entry.