This morning, from 11:30 to noon (Pacific Time) on KDIA AM 1640, "Pastor Fred" will interview me and have me chat with listeners who call into his radio show Reaching For Life.  (You can also listen online.) For those of you who haven’t heard me on the radio before, this is an outstanding opportunity for you to check out the sonic impact of my severely deviated septum.

No (well, yes) but if you like me, call in, and ask me total softball questions, like, "So, John, what makes you such a great writer?" or, "John, I absolutely loved your book, I'm OK--You're Not: The Message We're Sending Unbelievers and Why We Should Stop. I bought 30 copies to give to all my friends. Everyone should do the same. So, John, what special talents of yours gave you the power to write such a fantastically insightful, yet totally hilarious book?"

See, if you call up and say stuff like that, then people who want to scream at me won't be able to get through.


So remember: Like me, call in. Don't like me ... forget you read this.

Comment here. Or not.