It's been three days since the latest episode, so I'll just cut to the chase.  This week it was the end of the road for Team Old Age on the second week of The Amazing Race 15. 

Yep, that's right.  Sixty-somethings Marcy and Ron were the last team to get to the check-in mat in the latest leg of the race.  So now that you know that, you don't have to read the rest of my blog.  But if you're bored and need something to do, then stay with me.  Here's a brief rundown of what happened …

Upon awaking on the houseboat where the first week's leg had ended, teams were released on a timed basis (based on their standings).  The clue directed them to a water puppet theater in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

What the teams did not know is that they were not already in Ho Chi Minh.  It was a two-hour drive away.  Some teams immediately hailed taxis and then discovered their location and the distance involved.  Others began running or walking around the city thinking they were in HCM and looking for the puppet theater until they finally got a clue and hailed their own taxis.

Once at the puppet theater, the teams had to grab the clues from the mouths of the puppet "dragons" that were circling around in a small indoor pool, while spewing forth water.  An annoying little live band was playing in the theater with increasingly loud thumping drum beats that seemed to get faster and faster as the puppets swam around in the water. 

When the teams retrieved the clues from the dragons' mouths, they found small bullet capsules which contained the clue:  A stamp of the city's central post office.  But no instructions or directions.  Just the stamp.

Quick-thinking teams immediately took the stamps to taxi drivers who recognized the structure and whisked the teams to its entrance (slower-but-still-in-the-game teams eventually, finally figured it out).

At the post office, a clue box held options for two different challenges:  either Child's Play or Word Play.  Child's Play involved rolling heavy-looking, ceramic animals (not quite life-size) on small dollies around an outdoor children's park (up and over curbs, crossing busy streets, etc.), while collecting specific colored balloons from various balloon people along the way.  Once all the colors were collected, the teams parked their animals in the outdoor, makeshift "stalls" and received the next detour clue:  Go to a busy intersection where the teams must take apart VCRs at a storefront. 

But before we get to electronic parts, let's go back to the Word Play challenge. ... Had teams selected this option, they would proceed to the rooftop of a hotel where they were to look down below for giant letters attached to scooters driving around a busy traffic roundabout.  After collecting these letters, the teams would then have to come up with the word that it spelled in Vietnamese (which was their next location).  Once they correctly guessed the word, teams would proceed to VCR purgatory.  (The only team that selected Word Play as a challenge was Team Old Age.  And we alllllll already know what happened after that.)

When teams finished stripping parts from their VCRs (looked like a stack of two to four each), they then received the clue which directed them to a place where they would race to the final pit stop (Reunification Palace) and find out their standing from host Phil Keoghan.

And so Team Old Age was the last to check in, was eliminated and was whisked off to Elimination Station.  But before you whisk off too, here are a few notes about those who were left behind …