November is barely a week old, and there is already a treasure trove of minutia that will not matter this time next year. Here are the top five pop culture tidbits of the past week:

1. Oscar Hosts Named - Oscar Telecast Producer Adam Shankman announces the 82nd Academy Awards will be co-hosted by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. This is fantastic decision, as both Martin and Baldwin can play deadpan and over-the-top with equal aplomb. And for all who bristle at Baldwin's political leftism, Martin should balance it out nicely with his approach to philosophical absurdity. For a primer, watch them vie for Meryl Streep's affections when "It's Complicated" opens Christmas Day. The Oscar telecast airs on ABC Television March 7, 2010.

2. "Mad Men" season finale. Never has such misery been so riveting to watch. Season Three has unfolded like the message verse in a parable, delivering ramification upon ramification to the previous bad behavior of our beloved Advertising Executives. The irony: it is the penalties of the sin itself that finally scrubs off that shiny veneer façade. Is it possible that Don Draper is becoming real? And how long until Season Four?

3. "V" Debuts. As does the brouhaha over whether or not the attractive African-American alien leader who promises peace and universal health care (while secretly wanting to eat your cat) is a veiled criticism of President Obama. I can see why the media is so upset. None of them criticized our last President.

4. Michael Jackson's "This Is It" crosses $100 million - album debuts at #1. Now, he'll finally get some media attention.

5. Steven Tyler leaves Aerosmith - I am assuming he'll be taking the bandana collection tied to his microphone with him. Tyler's departure will leave a gaping hole in the rock world: the desperately unattractive front man who females feel obligated to say is attractive. Now, when Mick Jagger retires, he'll be forced to pass the baton to the guy from Rascal Flatts. If history warns us of a trend, Tyler will be replaced by some washed-up Christian vocalist - which means we'll finally get to hear "Dude Looks Like a Lady" belted out by Michael English. Farewell, Steven Tyler. I suppose you decided you did want to miss a thing after all.