Note: This blog is counting down to the premiere of LOST's final season on Feb. 2 by spending the month leading up to it racing through every one of the previous 103 episodes. We're looking specifically at Christian/religious themes, other important or interesting concepts, literary references, and the theory that it's largely been about a game in which someone has won, and someone has... LOST. To follow us from the start, click here.

"Every detail, no matter how minute or seemingly unimportant, must be recorded." -- Pierre Chang as Dr. Marv Wickmund.

[Deep breath]... Ahhhhhhh... Just when I was getting a little worn down on all the details, wondering if they really mattered, along comes Doc Chang to renew my faith and get me back on track. Now all that needs to be asked as we come to the end of Season Two is:

"Here's the question, Desmondo: do you have the courage to take your finger out of the dam, and blow the whole thing up instead?" -- Kelvin.

Let's find out.

LOST Season Two, Disc Six: Get a Klugh

Episodes: 2.21 "?" (Eko-centric); 2.22 THREE MINUTES (Michael-centric); 2.23/24 LIVE TOGETHER, DIE ALONE PARTS 1 and 2 (Desmond-centric)

Things That Stuck Out


Ana appears to Eko in a dream, asking what he's building and why, and who told him to build it. He sees her start bleeding, and she tells him he needs to help John. Cut to Eko inside the hatch, where sitting at the computer is Yemi, in his priestly wardrobe. Eko speaks to him, Yemi speaks back. Eko asks forgiveness but is shushed. Yemi doesn't want to hear it, wants to tell Eko that work being done "in this place" is more important than anything. Locke has "LOST his way." Eko must make him take him to "the question mark" by any means necessary, and he should bring the axe.

Booooooo! Michael stumbles out of the hatch and spews his filthy story about how Henry escaped and he was sleeping and heard shots and Henry shot him and blah blah blah. But Libby's still got a tiny bit of life in her. She's coughing up blood. Will she be able to pin it on Michael?

When Eko keeps going on about "the question mark," John finally hands over his drawing of the blast door map, in which a "?" is surrounded by six other circles in the very center of an octagon.

Locke is all of a sudden refering to the Swan as "not my hatch." Makes it clear something's changed (again) with him. He's being pouty again too. Probably because Ben got away before he could tell him how special he is. But he's also got guilt for not having told Jack that Henry had attacked Ana-Lucia previously. Eko uses this guilt, saying Ana wants them to go to the question mark. Which, by his dream, is true.

Libby's bleeding has stopped, which isn't good. Jack doesn't have what he needs to ease her pain, so he asks for the heroin Sawyer has stashed away. He says Kate is going with him no matter what Sawyer says. It forces Sawyer to either show where his stash (including the guns) are concealed, or let Libby suffer. Hard to tell from her face whether Kate admires this strategy, or resents it.

Yemi appears to Eko again, again telling him to be quiet (he also knows who John is). Yemi climbs the cliff where the Beechcraft was. Eko follows. When Eko reaches the top, Yemi is in a wheelchair, saying, "Wake up, John." Turns out this was Locke's dream, and in the dream, Locke was Eko. Eko guesses that there was a priest in Locke's dream. We get a similar scene from one we know well. Locke, something wrong with his leg, can't scale the cliff, so his traveling companion does it.

From the top of the cliff, Eko sees the pattern of a question mark on the ground below him. He finds that the ground there has been salted, so that nothing will grow over the landmark. Sure enough, poking the ground with the axe, Eko finds another hatch (our 4th to date (Swan, Arrow, Staff, now Pearl)). This one has external locks and handles, unlike the Swan. An open octagon goes straight down into the earth. The Pearl is full of monitors, on one of which they see Jack walk by! This must be the station from which all the others are observed and recorded... and how the Others have probably been following our group's every move. There's even a computer terminal, possibly the place from which they pretended to be Walt contacting Michael (they could see if he was near the Swan computer). Jack types in the command to print the log of activities. The log has many different numbers, all of which start with 416, and all of which say "accepted." Eko finds empty journals, and Locke finds a working mail tube that goes.... where? He puts his blast door drawing in, and it gets sucked up.