Eko is carving his Jesus stick in the hatch when he hears noises, and the lights flutter. He goes to investigate, the lockdown timer begins, blast doors come down, locking him out. Desmond has showed Locke how to trip the system and force a lockdown, something his predecessors perfected so they could work on their blast door map. Eko climbs out the top of the hatch - the part Locke and Co. blasted open. Asks Charlie if he knows how they blasted it. Charlie leads Eko to the hidden leftover dynamite. Desmond tells Locke he's sure dynamite won't blow open the doors; it would take an atom bomb. When Charlie speculates that Locke might be right - it might all be a big joke - Eko does one of the coolest things ever on the show: pins Charlie to the wall, rips off Charlie's belt, throws it across the room where the buckle sticks magnetically to the wall. Charlie's seen enough. Eko lights the fuse, dynamite blows up. Back inside, Desmond suspects that MAYBE Locke got it wrong. Maybe the Pearl people were the ones being duped (since it was obvious ONE of the groups had to be, it's a fair and logical assumption to at least consider). Des asks what else was in the Pearl - a computer? Yep. He gets the printout of it from Locke, pours over it. With the timer under 4 minutes, Desmond PROVES to Locke that he crashed the plane, and explains how chaotic everything went in the hatch. But Locke won't hear it. "I know what I saw," he yells, referring to what he thinks he learned in the Pearl. The Man of Faith has lost his way, and become a Man of Sight. The irony is he starts acting like a child, insisting on his way and throwing (and breaking) the computer. Ironic because faith is supposed to be child-like. Oh well. Des knows what he's got to do - turn the failsafe (which is an octagon by the way), blow the dam. Electromagnetism is pulling in everything. As Eko finds John, Locke is scared. "I was wrong," he says.

Desmond turns the failsafe as he tells Penny he loves her. All goes white. On the dock and at the beach, the sky turns purple and a loud hum hurts everyone's ears. The hatch door nearly lands on Bernard and Claire. Charlie made it out, but we don't know about Locke and Eko. Or Desmond.

Kate sees their group is being followed. Tells Sawyer, they open fire. Kill one of the Others tracking them. Another gets away. Jack tells them they can't track him, because "they've already been warned." Looks at Michael. Yells to stop LYING. Michael comes clean about the list with their names on it and the deal he made to see his son again. Kate catches on that Michael let Henry go, which causes Hurley to catch on that he killed Ana and Libby. Hurley wants to go back to the beach. Jack says he can't. If the Others catch on that they don't believe Michael, they're liable to kill them all. Tells them of their ace in the hole Sayid and the boat. As they hike on, they find where the mail tube from the Pearl empties out - the middle of nowhere. Hundreds of tubes with journals sit doing nothing. They find Locke's blast door map, too, not knowing what it is. Then they see Sayid's signal smoke. Jack realizes Michael did not lead them to the beach, but to a trap, there at the mail tube location. Whispers. Darts. Convulsions. Capture. Next we see these folks they're being led out on a dock (the Pala Ferry docks mentioned in the Pearl video) and having the bags removed from their heads by grubby shoeless Others. Miss Klugh reveals Tom's name, so he reveals hers: Bea. A boat drives up, Ben's in it, so is Walt. it's for Michael. The Others keep their deals. Ben smiles at Jack. Is disappointed the Losties know about the beards and disguises.

The significance of the Pearl notebooks going nowhere is, most likely, a double-bluff. The Pearl participants - and Locke - have been duped. The Swan people's job was real, the Pearl folks were the ones being oberved from elsewhere as to whether they would do their jobs.

Weird time-loop theory moment of the night: Michael says he didn't have TIME to think when he shot Libby, it was an accident. To which Hurley, musingly, says: "But if you DID have time..." Some weird music plays. Then he snaps out of it and says, "...you still would have killed her anyway." Okay, stay with me. I don't want to make too much out of this. But there have been several of these types of quotes, where it almost seems to appear to a character that they've been here before, or could change something in an alternate reality. One of those was back when Ethan told Jack not to follow him or he would kill one of Claire or Charlie. Jack ignores this warning, charges after him saying, "I'm not letting him do this... NOT AGAIN." Well, Ethan had never killed nor kidnapped anyone previously. So what was "not again" about? Has all of this happened before? Did Charlie die the last time it happened? It's my belief that when Jack saved Charlie from death by hanging, all he did was postpone Charlie's on-island death, something we will later learn from Desmond is inevitable. Even as some things change in a time loop, the universe still finds a way of course-correcting for the things that must happen to happen.