A new year means new games and there's little better for a gamer than new titles that make you want to rush right out and pre-order the game.  You can't wait, right?  It's torture!  I know how it is, you hear a new game is coming out that you can't wait to play, you read about it online, talk it up, watch trailers and try to get the inside information.  Then Gamestop or somewhere starts taking pre-orders and you slap down a quick $5 to reserve your copy on the street release day.  Then you sit around and wait.  Well, I don't have an alternative for you, but I do have some games I hope will be worth waiting for...


Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Wii

This game, coming for the Wii sometime in 2010, is something I'm really looking forward to. First and foremost, the first Super Mario Galaxy was ridiculously fun. The graphics were good, the controls were fantastic and maybe for the first time ever I actually noticed the score!

If history is any indication, Nintendo will score another home run with this title and if I'm lucky my sister and her husband won't come steal it from me this time ;)

The difficulty level of the first one wasn't very high, which I actually enjoyed because I got to see more of the game more quickly, which when compared to New Super Mario Bros. Wii (released in late 2009) is a good thing, as that game is very difficult.


Aliens vs. Predator - XBox 360

Back in the day I owned an Atari Jaguar. Yes, I owned that system with the controllers that had like 14 buttons each or something. And more than anything I wanted to buy the Atari Jaguar CD attachment (though I never did) so that I could play Aliens vs. Predator. I did, however, get to play the XBox version years later.

While the movies were definitely horrible (in my opinion) I'll be pre-ordering this one. Especially since it's supposed to feature multi-player action that should be pretty cool.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - iPhone

For me, this is some of the biggest gaming news in awhile. I know it may sound strange, but yes, this port is a big deal. Phoenix Wright will appear on the iPhone and iPod Touch in 2010, further cementing Apple's place in the casual gaming market.

For me, this is one of the better games out there for the non-gamer type, that is, the casual gamer who only picks up a game here and there and wants every title to be a real investment. This game plays like a courtroom drama and has hours upon hours of gameplay.

If you haven't played this game yet, or even if you have, you should definitely check it out on the iPhone. And get ready to yell "Hold It!" or "Objection" into your phone's receiver.