Last time we saw Michael, he was killing some people and betraying others to save himself and Walt. Asked now why he's on the boat, he tells Sayid, "to die." Sounds as if he's accepted that the only way to atone for what he's done is sacrifice himself for those he's hurt.

"Considering a week ago you had a gun to his head and tonight he's eating pound cake, I'd say [Ben's] a guy who gets what he wants." -- Miles. I'm starting to like Miles. This is Ben alright.

Does Ben actually seem concerned about the fate of everyone else on the island if he gives himself up? I think he is.

Keamy is a nasty mercenary whose many kill-for-hire travels have taken him to, among other places, Uganda. "So I know exactly what kind of man you are," Ben says.

Kate calls Jack a "natural" at bedtime stories, and he even says that that's one good thing about his own father - he was a good storyteller. Jack appears happy, and Kate's happy to have him there. But something's gotta change.

Charlotte speaks Korean... and Jin knows it.

Geez, Kate... Juliet asks her if she would help her with Jack's surgery... and she balks. Would rather not. But if Juliet had told her she absolutely couldn't be there for it, she would have forced herself in. It gets old.

Juliet tells Kate about Jack kissing her, and says it was nice, but it wasn't for her. It was for him, probably as an attempt to prove he doesn't love someone else. For this, Kate thanks her.

Opening & Closing

4.8 Open - Night, a shadowy front of a house in New Otherton. Inside, Claire holds Aaron. Everyone's gathered waiting for Locke, who brings a still-tied-up Miles.
4.9 Open - Waves crash on our familiar shore. Kate's in the sand doing some light bathing, waves and smiles at Jack.
4.10 Open - Close up of a single eye... but this time, it doesn't open. Not until Juliet calls Jack's name twice, at which point he opens it slowly.
4.11 Open - First spinning record turntable in a while - a girl in 50s garb puts on Buddy Holly's "Everday" and dances to it in her room.

4.8 Close - Alex - freaked and scared by seeing her boyfriend and her mom killed - still has the presence of mind to think about what she screams out: "Wait, don't! I'm Ben's daughter!"
4.9 Close - "Sleep tight, Charles," growls Ben, as he leaves Widmore's room in the middle of the night.
4.10 Close - Sawyer finds Aaron crying and abandoned. Camera circles around him as he screams out repeatedly for Claire... no one answers.
4.11 Close - Locke's face, in close-up: "He wants us to move the island."

Probably Unimportant, But I've Always Wondered...

Did the freighter have two helicopters? If Naomi - as she said - ditched hers in the ocean (and we did hear something splash), how did Frank & Co. fly to the island? If they had two helicopters, why is there only one helipad on the freighter?