Jack - though sick - tells his group that when the boat folks come for Faraday and Charlotte, they'll be waiting. Sounds like... another plan! Another job for the Lost Justice League! As Rose and Bernard clean off a table for the surgery, she wonders why Jack even got sick. It's especially odd with rescue on the horizon, and it being the person they count on the most. She doesn't buy Bernard's "bad luck" theory.

Miles stops suddenly - asks Sawyer and Claire who Danielle and Karl are! He's hearing voices, looks at the ground, uncovers the spot where their bodies are. What's even weirder about this is it doesn't appear like they were buried. It also doesn't seem like Keamy's group would have taken the time to dig graves, nor does it look like any were dug. What it looks like, is that the earth started to absorb/swallow them!

Sawyer, Miles, and Claire come across Lapidus running through the bushes with a first aid kit. Sawyer and Claire don't know him, but he warns Miles that Keamy is RIGHT behind him and they should hide, NOW. Frank gets Keamy and the others to move away from the area, back toward the chopper. That night, as they sleep by the fire, Claire wakes to find... her dad, holding Aaron (so I guess Christian CAN touch and effect things like people? I was under the impression that when he couldn't help Locke up after Locke fell down the well that he could not). When Sawyer wakes up, Miles informs him that Claire left in the middle of the night with someone she called "Dad." And apparently, she abandoned Aaron! So, Miles could see Christian - is this because Christian can be seen by all, or because Miles has these special ghost powers? There's always some question like this keeping from answering the supernatural issues.

Jin swings a deal with Charlotte, who he knows speaks Korean. He will keep her secrets and not hurt Daniel if she promises to get Sun on that helicopter no matter what. It is agreed.

"Hopefully the man who lives in the cabin can tell us what to do about the people who are trying to kill us." -- Locke. And that, good people, is the whole plot of "Cabin Fever"

Hahahaha... Locke, Ben, and Hugo are like the Three Stooges. Hugo's been following Locke, Locke's been following Ben, Ben's been following Hurley in their search for the cabin.

When the helicopter returns to the freighter, we get confirmation that Ray the doc IS indeed alive, and was alive at the time Daniel asked about him via Morse code. He was there to see the mercs brought back after Smokey attacked them. Keamy knows somebody gave him and his identity up to Ben; the Captain shows him it was Michael. Keamy tries to kill Michael, but his gun misfires several times. Guess it's still not Michael's time to die. Good thing, says the Captain, so he can fix the engines.

Locke Meets Ghost Horace. He's a Lumberjack... But I'm Not Sure He's Okay

  • Locke's eye opens. It's morning. He hears chopping. Hugo and Ben still sleep. Around a bend, Horace chops trees down to make a clearing for a cabin. He wears a Dharma Aarow jump suit.
  • Horace doesn't wear his glasses. They hang from his pocket.
  • The cabin is a getaway "for me and the Mrs. Sometimes you need a break from the DI, you know?"
  • "I'm not makin any sense, am I? That's probably because I've been dead for 12 years." (We know this is true - the Purge occuring in 1992).
  • When he turns back around, his nose is bleeding ala time-travel sickness... but why? He's a dead dude. He's also...
  • STUCK IN A TIME LOOP! The tree he just chopped down he chops and pushes over again. And then it's back up again!
  • "You gotta find me, John. And when you do, you'll find him."
  • Jacob's been waiting for Locke "a real long time, man."
  • Loop begins again: "I'm Horace..."
  • "Godspeed, John!" Was Horace wishing John luck, or telling him his last name as a clue to finding him? Both.

Locke's eye opens again, he had been dreaming (similar to his campfire dream with Eko that time), and Ben is staring at him.