Crippled Locke is exahusted from a day of physical therapy. An orderly who looks amazingly like Matthew Abbadon brings over his chair, and takes him from a stroll and a chat, stopping at the top of a steep flight of stairs:

Abbadon: Don't give up. Anything's possible.
Locke: Read my file - my spine was crushed.
Abbadon: I did read your file - you survived falling 8 stories. That's a miracle (it occurs to me at this point how for-granted things like surviving this fall and the plane crash have become to our group, which can only whine and complain as they wander in the wilderness. It's such a parallel to the children of Israel after the Exodus. The Red Sea parting, manna, the commandments being received... all miracles, all either taken for granted or unremembered or unappreciated when things got uncomfortable or unknowable for a while. Patience - this show has shown - is not only the quality of a leader because one avoids bad decisions, but because it reflects on the past miracles and waits for the next ones. Hence its key role in faith).
Abbadon: Do you believe in miracles?
Locke: Nope.
Abbadon: You should. I had one happen to me.
Locke: I just want to go back to my room (that's usually what all of us want when we get tired and pushed... but it's rarely what we need)
Abbadon: Know what you need? You need to go on a Walkabout - it's a journey of self-discovery. I went on a walkabout convinced I was one thing. I came back another. (This idea of being a "what" as opposed to a "who" (which the existential theme has explored) was also brought up by Widmore about Ben. Is it perhaps the more important, higher-philosophical question to answer?)
Locke here mocks him for just being an orderly.
Abbadon: Oh I'm a lot more than just an orderly. One day, you'll think about what I'm saying. And then, when you and me run into each other again, you'll owe me one.

  • Appearances of the Numbers: 15 seconds the timer ticks down on Michael's bomb; 8 years Sayid spent searching for the woman he loved; L-4 is the vertebrae X-ray Jack is handed in the lobby, the same one as he operated on Ben.
  • Deaths: Karl and Rousseau gunned down by people we can't see, but who we know are Keamy and his men; Redshirts Ahoy! It's comically sad the way they keep running out to get picked off in the scene where Sawyer goes after Claire. I count THREE that bought it at the hands of the merciless Keamy (two of which were actually wearing red shirts); Alex, executed by Keamy right in front of Ben; 2 of the mercenaries by Smokey (I've always wondered why the Monster didn't do more damage); Ray, the ship's doctor, washes up dead, his throat cut by Keamy; Mayhew, one of the mercenaries, dies in sick bay from monster-related injuries; Captain Gault, shot by Keamy.

Themes Established or Revisited

  1. Time. There's a discrepancy between the doctor washing up dead on shore, and the folks on the boat saying he's just fine.
    "We don't have much time." -- Ben

    Ben: There's no time!
    Sawyer: I'll make time.

    Miles: Just making conversation.
    Sawyer: Well, let's make some time.

    Kate: So it looks like I'll be your nurse.
    Jack: Wouldn't be the first time.

    A mere joke about how she stitched him up on Day One... or a clue about time loops? Or both?

    "Sorry I've wasted your time." -- Richard, to Locke's foster mom

    "My time is over, John." -- Ben, to Locke. The island wanted him to get sick, it wanted Locke to get well. So, there you go. But why did it also heal Rose and Jin, and let Jack get sick?
  2. Salvation through Pain or Some Twisted Method. Gault says he is beating two men to save everyone's lives (last two guys who took the Zodiac boat got their brains fried) ... Juliet saves Jack through doing a surgery outside her area of expertise ... Jin saves Sun by threatening harm to Daniel if Charlotte does not comply.

    "You want to redeem yourself for all you did, this is your only chance. You can save all their lives." -- Tom, to Michael, about why Michael will work for the people he despises - the Others.

    "The only way to save them is to man up and get on that boat." -- Tom

    Jack thinks saving is a choice, but it can also be an indirect choice. He doesn't recognize that Sawyer ALSO saved Kate when he sacrificed himself by jumping from the helicopter.

    ...and most importantly overall, "How do I save the island?" -- Locke
  3. Lies. "80 percent of the people on this boat are lying about something." -- Miles, to Michael ... Ben lies to Sayid about how he got off the island, citing Desmond's boat ... Bernard and Rose are in a fight with Daniel and Charlotte about how the latter are lying. Jack says he knows they're lying, but it doesn't matter until eventually, their people come back for them ... Jin knows Charlotte speaks Korean. In Korean, he tells her that if she continues to lie, he will break Daniel's fingers one at a time ... Kate lies to Jack about who she was on the phone with ... She also asks Jack to trust her so that she won't have to lie to him about where she was ...
  4. War. The battle has come to the island - mercenaries kill people at will ... Hurley and friends play a war strategy game ... Faraday lies about the ship's response regarding Ray the doctor's condition ...

    "I'm attackin' Siberia." -- Sawyer

    Locke: You lied to me. You told me you didn't know what the Smoke Monster was.
    Ben: You can ask Jacob all about it when we get to the cabin.
    So... first of all, Ben was NOT necessarily lying. He may NOT know what it is, only what it does and how to call it. He still didn't want to be anywhere near it when it attacked. Second, there IS some connection between it and Jacob. So is it possibly one manifestation of the Man in Black?
  5. Existentialism. Just like on last disc, this is important here, especially in the Jack-Kate part of the O6 story. Here, he reads from Alice in Wonderland - and ponders for himself - "but if I'm not the same the next question is who in the world am I?"

    "Do you know who I am?" -- Keamy, to Michael

The Game