I have mentioned previously that it seems mirrors and reflections have played a big part in the telling of this story. In one of Sun's flashbacks, nearly every sequence opens with her reflection. The show has used tons of Alice in Wonderland references, in particular ones involving "Through the Looking Glass." In the Season Six opener, we see Jack's bloody neck only in his mirror image. In this episode, after Kate gets her cuffs off, we see her facial expressions as she goes through Claire's bag only by way of her reflection in a mirror. What's more, more and more things are "mirroring" events between timelines:

  • Sawyer telling Kate "Don't come after me" mirrors Jack once telling her "Don't come back for me."

  • Sayid being electrocuted and tortured mirrored him undergoing the same treatment from Danielle

  • Claire's traps and appearance mirror Danielle's

  • Sawyer tossing his engagement ring into the water mirrors Desmond doing the same the time he threw Penny's would-be ring into the Thames

  • Ethan's phrases, appearance, and way with Claire mirror his way with her the first time around, down to "not wanting to" stick her belly with needles if he doesn't have to

  • On the same dock, Sawyer once asked Juliet to stay so he wouldn't be alone. Now, he asks Kate to leave because he's resigned to always being alone

  • Kate helps Claire keep Aaron in, as opposed to helping Claire push Aaron out

What does it all mean? Are the new timeline events happening simultaneous with the island events? Are the new events going to be able to hold true (was Jack's bloody neck the first sign that this universe can't hold together)? Are these events happening on the other side of the mirror - identical in some ways but opposite in others? We'll continue to track instances like this from episode to episode.




No cabin, no smoke monster (except by way of being referenced by Aldo - who we last saw as the Other who fell for the "Wookie Prisonser Gambit" when Kate, Sawyer, and Alex sprung Karl from Room 23), or Man in Black/Dead Locke in this episode. But thanks to the pop-ups on the rerun of last week's second hour, we did learn that when Ilana and Bram found the broken ash circle around the cabin, it meant that Smokey then was able to take over the cabin (can't remember the exact phrasing). The implication, though, was that it was not the Man in Black/Smokey who was imprisoned here. Apparently no one was ever imprisoned there. I'm now running with these theories:

  • Somewhere along the line, Jacob did take up residence in the cabin as a second home away from his giant foot

  • The ash circle was somehow broken by someone BEFORE Locke ever visited the cabin (there is one photo of the time he and Ben stopped at the line, and it appears like it COULD be broken then)

  • Still going with it being MIB/Smokey who threw Ben across the room and who Locke saw briefly and who asked Locke to help him

  • Still going with it being MIB's eye that Hurley saw in the window the time he peered into the cabin and saw Christian in the rocking chair

  • Unsure right now whether it was MIB or Jacob who pinned the picture of the statue to the wall that would indicate to Ilana's team where to find them