"I met him at Lost luggage... he lost something, too." -- Locke, to Helen, about Jack

"I got past the denial part, and I got back to living whatever life I've got left." -- Rose. Good advice, which helps Locke

Flocke: That doesn't sound like a happy ending.
Sawyer: It ain't.
Something tells me these two aren't headed for a happy ending, either. But it's clear Flocke is seeking one of his own. He's probably just as blind, though, as those who he thinks follow others out of blind faith. Blind hate and ambition are just as damaging.

Black-and-white: The stones on the scales; there does appear to be light ash and dark ash in the fire pit. Ilana collects some of the lighter-colored ash; Locke's coffee mug is black and white, with a tan or grey divide in the middle. On the bathroom door behind Helen is a white cross.

The Numbers: 823 - crate Locke was in; 15 after 6 Locke wakes up; 4 chapter Locke teaches, on human reproduction. Over his right shoulder are 4 stages of the lifecycle: conception, growth, development, labor. This is about embryos, but applies to our story and humanity as well.

How is it that Rose did not recognize Hugo, her boss, sitting so near to her on the plane?

Things Learned from Last Week's Pop-Up Re-run:

Kate recognizes Jack "because she bumped into him on the plane." Really? That's all? I didn't like this pop-up. I still don't buy it. No, she is having a deja vu memory of knowing him from somewhere! Right?

The French team got their infection from contact with the smoke monster. Okay, so that's confirmed. Can rule out the Others having been the carriers.

Mrs. Baskin changes her mind, just as Claire is the one who backed out in original timeline. Another mirroring example of same-but-different.

Ethan did change his last name to Rom after joining the Others.

The darkness growing in Sayid is paralleled to the rules of backgammon as explained by Locke in the Pilot episode. One side dark, one side light. Awesome.