"Dogen knows if he kills Sayid, his own balance will tip the wrong way, from good to evil." What, seriously? Sorry, but that's lame. I much prefer an explanation like the one we came up with last week of Dogen having sworn to protect Jacob's candidates (in much the same way Ilana is doing). Or even that Dogen's heart was softened by seeing his son's baseball. Or even that Dogen simply thought of a "better" plan to have Sayid go out and meet Flocke and either kill or be killed.

I mean, are they serious? The only reason Dogen doesn't finish off Sayid is so his good/evil balance won't tip the wrong way? This sits completely wrong with me. The series has made the point several times that killing is permissible in serving the greater good of protecting the island. And what about other characters who we know have killed people? Sayid and Sawyer were still candidates, and Kate doesn't exactly strike anyone as an "evil" person. Of course, these characters are also all now part of MIB's group, whereas others like Jack, Hurley and Sun who - as far as we know - don't have any direct blood on their hands, are not... but I still hate this explanation.

Confirmed: Flocke is "manipulating Claire to get what he wants." Which includes telling her the Others have her baby. Claire comes to find out this is not true. One would assume, then, that instead of wanting to mess Kate up for taking Aaron, she would question why "her friend" has been lying to her for three years. Something tells me that's not occurred to her (yet) though. She's too blind with brainwashing and revenge.

Jacob is described as, "a mysterious person who thought of himself as protector of the island." Some interesting word choices there, especially the "thought of himself" part. Would tend to indicate there is no higher power above Jacob, and that his is a self-imagined, self-appointed position?

Something else that stuck out and I've wanted to ask for a while -- why can't MIB be killed if Jacob could? Contrast the stab-to-the-heart and bloody knife from when Ben struck Jacob to the stab-to-the-heart and no blood from when Sayid (Ben's foil) struck Flocke.

Confirmed: It is "Jacob's touch" that "marks" a candidate. 

Just as Dogen is explaining to Sayid that Smokey "will come to you as someone you know," the subtitles tell us that "various characters have seen people from their past on the island" who could not have been there. The specific list: Jack & Claire seeing Christian, Hurley seeing his imaginary friend Dave, Eko seeing Yemi, and Ben seeing Alex. Here's what's interesting about that: we already knew for close-to-certain that Ben's vision of Alex was Smokey, and that Yemi was the same. So can we assume the Dave visions were Smokey as well? And can we now confirm through association that ALL visions of Christian were Smokey as well? Because there are several reasons to wonder/hope that at times Christian was appearing on behalf of Jacob/the island, among them: the time he showed up on the freighter and told Michael his work was finished and he could now die, and the time he appeared to Sun and Lapidus at the barracks when we know Flocke was otherwise occupied over on Hydra Island. Of course, it could be significant that in neither of those instances did Christian appear to one of his children (Jack or Claire). So maybe it's only when Jack or Claire has seen him that it was Smokey?

The heiroglyph that leads to the secret passageway out of the Temple is called "Shen," which translates as "encircle," and can mean either "eternity" or "to protect."

They make a point of telling us that Flocke continues to recruit, and now has sign-ups from several Others, Sayid, Claire... and Kate, even though "Kate knows Locke is on the wrong side." Doesn't make mention of Jin... but I'm still sticking with my theory (based on Claire's line of "can't you have Sawyer or Jin do it") of Jin having joined this group as well. I think he doesn't get mentioned here just because we haven't seen Jin's story yet and they don't want to spoil themselves.

We're told to remember what Widmore once told Locke -- that war was coming to the island. And if Locke (and the rest of the O6) did not make it back, the wrong side would win. Well, technically, Locke DIDN'T make it back. Is that why the wrong side seems to be winning now? And why Widmore is racing towards the island in his sub?

Notable No-Comments 

  • Nothing about Claire's comment to Flocke about "sending Sawyer or Jin" instead of her into the Temple.
  • Nothing about Dogen's sacred knife, the elaborate box it's kept in, or why Dogen brushes it down before opening.
  • Nothing about Sayid's odd reference to his next job being in Toronto.
  • Nothing about whether or not it was semantics or a technicality that Sayid let Flocke "speak" before stabbing him.