What side is Widmore on anyway? We can still make a case for any of the following:


Jacob's Side: Jacob told Hurley he was trying to bring someone to the island; Widmore would seem to suggest to Sawyer (without actually saying so, Sawyer just assumes) that he wants to fight it out with Smokey; Widmore had previously told Locke that if Locke did not return to the island, the wrong side would win (well, Locke DIDN'T return to the island); Widmore's crew set up an anti-Smokey Sonic Fence Jr. kit.

Smokey's Side: See that last point about what Widmore told Locke. Perhaps instead, Widmore knew that Locke had to die, and that Locke needed to return to the island DEAD… or the wrong side would win; Widmore has been associated with Abaddon (angel of death); Widmore has shown up with a vehicle of transport, and MIB's primary goal is getting off the island.

His Own Side: I like this one least of all, because I don't like this 3-sidedness, even though I admit I think the story, just like Myst, will come down to a third choice of choosing to believe neither of the warring "brothers," but instead trust to a third possibility that neither of them are any good and they both are lying. I also have an idea that the theology of the show may just be set up to take us into philosophical territory "Beyond Good and Evil" (apologies to Nietzsche) where another choice becomes clear in a rejection of what had previously been considered the only two; the one scene I did catch of the previous week's Pop-Up LOST told us that "Widmore will do anything in his power to possess the island."


We know that Widmore has something under heavy guard, lock-and-key on his sub. What could it be? Another big MacGuffin or Deus Ex Machina, no doubt? Some doomsday device? We've already seen a nuclear warhead and a cargo hold full of C-4 and an island station with more poison gas than I've been experiencing during this Man-Cation in a mansion filled with 14 dudes who have eaten too much steak and bean dip. Please tell me this new WMD is going to be cooler and more original than any of those. Similarly, something has been bugging me about Flocke for a long time that I never could put my finger on until my astute co-worker Kelly Good mentioned it in a Facebook posting yesterday - why does Flocke carry that backpack everywhere? What could he possibly have in it? What does he possibly need? Survival gear? He's a SMOKE MONSTER (something he even comes clear about to Sawyer, though not entirely to the rest of his followers). Oh, and about those followers…


Last week, I pondered the following:


Flocke's group is hanging out on Hydra Island. Why there? Are there still some 316 survivors hanging out over there? I wonder how he is planning to leave the island? Or why leaving the island requires MIB to have followers? Doesn't that seem a little strange? "I'm gathering a group to leave the island," he tells Ben. We can only assume that these followers are somehow a requirement for him to be able to leave, but why? How? What will he do with them once he leaves?


This week we were presented with some more material on which to build theories to answer these questions. We are reminded both directly and indirectly that there are now two mass-transport vehicles over on Hydra - a submarine and an airplane (good luck getting that plane turned around in the sand and fueled up and directed down that jungle runway). Oh, and Sawyer's escape plan? Kate reminds him he can't fly the plane… oh, but he can pilot a sub? Now, I do love the mirroring of how Locke once blew up the sub, but now, the weirdo in his skin is likely going to attempt to steal it to get his way off the island… but I still can't fathom what he's going to do when and if he succeeds. Go into business? Reunite with his family? Come on. At least the reason for needing followers to get off the island is perhaps becoming more clear - that is, he's probably going to have to fight his way off through Team Jacob and Team Widmore. So a few pawns, maybe a rook and a bishop too, will come in handy.