• Why is the arrival of the Black Rock on a stormy, tidal-wavey night, when we saw it arriving in the morning in calm seas?
  • What was the fate of Magnus Hanso? How did the Black Rock ledger end up in the hands of pirates in Madagascar? Why did Widmore buy it? Is Widmore descended from the Hansos?
  • How and when did MIB's "body" get stolen? Did Jacob trick him out of it?
  • Isn't it unwise of Jacob to conduct socio-theological experiments with human subjects on this very crucial, critical location?

Finally, to bring this all back around to the religious themes, I enjoyed this spread from USA Today. They interviewed Chris Seay (who I also interviewed prior to Season Six), the author of The Gospel According to LOST, about what the story could be getting at in parallels to the Biblical narrative.

I agree almost entirely, except on which verse from Luke was being showcased in Ab Aeterno. I hold to it having been Luke 4:24, about a prophet having no honor in his own country. I think that typifies Richard's history a little better, considering how he left his homeland and became, essentially, Jacob's prophet. But clearly, the stuff about being tempted in the wildnerness works just fine, too.