So the MiB admits that he was appearing as Christian Shephard. I'd still like to know how Smokey/Christian:

a) Appeared to Jack in the hospital lobby after the O6 returned

b) Appeared to Michael on the freighter

c) Appeared to Sun and Lapidus at the barracks when Flocke and Ben were still over on Hydra


Either these are oversights because they are exceptions to the "Smokey can't leave the island and Smokey can't cross the ocean except on a boat" rules, or in those instances some other entity was appearing as Christian (perhaps Jack and Michael were hallucinating, but Michael would have been hallucinating about a person he'd never seen before).


A related question I have is how Smokey knew to appear as Christian to Jack. That is, to know how to appear as Isabella to Richard, he had to do his little memory-flashy-electric-stare trick. I've thought ever since The Pilot episode that when Jack, Kate, and Charlie run from the Monster after it rips Seth Norris from the cockpit, that Jack answers his friends' questions evasively after they all join up again. They all deny they saw the monster, but they all seem to be hiding something. Jack says he dove into the bushes. I think perhaps Smokey stared him down and got the information he needed to show up as Dead Christian a day later. Another possibility that some fans have speculated on for a long time is that in the very first shot ever, where Jack wakes up in the jungle, it kinda-sorta looks like reflected in his eyes is a receding cloud of smoke...


Yet another question regards the time Hurley peeked into the cabin and saw Christian in the chair. But then, a scary eyeball appears in the window. If MiB was Christian-in-the-chair, then who is Cabin-Eye? One extremely sinister, creepy theory about this is that it's Jacob, and he and MiB have been scheming together against our whole group all along. Only problem is, that flies in the face of what we know of their past private conversations. So don't go there. My guess: We're never going to find out who Cabin-Eye is, and are going to be expected to somehow know it was the MiB, even though he was supposedly in the chair and not at the window.


And we still don't know where Christian's body went. All this time the reason for it being missing was apparently so we would just wonder if perhaps it had come back to life via Island Powers, or been possessed, or what have you. Now that we know the MiB was just assuming its form, will we get to learn where it went, both on the Island and in the Bizarro timeline where it seems to have taken its own journey around the world?


Do you believe Flocke when he tells Jack that all he's ever been interested in is helping Jack & Co. leave?


I'd like to, yes, because it makes things easy to sort. It makes it so that, going back over the course of the show, we can simplify events into whether they facilitated the Losties leaving - and call these MiB-influenced - or whether they facilitated the Losties staying, and call these Jacob-influenced events. The way Flocke explains to Jack that he helped him find water therefore comes to sound like a reluctant host, someone who has tolerated a weary band of travelers in his house, gave them some provisions, and sent them on their way again.