"Australia is entirely peopled with criminals, and criminals are used to having people not trust them, as you are not trusted by me, so I can clearly not choose the [backpack] in front of you." - Vizzini from The Princess Bride. Sort of.


This line in that great movie is spoken, oddly enough, to the Man in Black. Here, it applies to a machination by our own Man in Black. I totally noticed what he had done when he handed Jack his backpack before the attack on the sub, probably because - as you know if you've been following along - I've had this weird hang-up on why the Smoke Monster needed to carry a backpack at all. Well, now we know (who says they didn't answer any questions for us this week?). He also knew that Sawyer, a criminal (who had been to Australia, see) didn't trust him, despite James' words to the contrary. He was counting on it.


I can't blame Sawyer too much for what happened, even though he bears a lot of responsibility in what happened to Frank, Sayid, Sun, and Jin. After all, the last time Jack had a bomb and told Sawyer to trust him, James Ford had to hold his girlfriend in his arms while she died. And as we saw last episode when he kicked Jack off the Elizabeth, that's still pretty fresh in his mind.


Widmore: 'Da Bomb?


What I don't know is where the bomb came from, as in, who put it on the plane in the first place? Was it Widmore, or did Flocke merely go back there to retrieve his own handiwork? It could be that his original plan involved the plane, and wiring the C4 into the electrical system would have made it so that the candidates "killed themselves" by choosing to turn on the airplane. But perhaps knowing that James' desire was to take the sub anyway, and that Jack was being a pill about not wanting to leave the island, he improvised, went back for his bomb, and told the "Widmore wants you dead" story. I think I'm leaning towards this explanation rather than Widmore having rigged the plane to explode.


Speaking of Widmore, he clearly didn't execute our heroes on the beach. He did cage them within the sonic fencing, and told them it was for their own good. I think I believe him based on what eventually transpired, even though he's still acting like a jerk (just seems to be in his nature), and not explaining anything when he has every chance to do so. He did let slip, though, that he has a list. I missed this the first time, more distracted by his willingness to shoot Kate (whether he actually would is open for debate) than the reasons why. Where did he get his list? Jacob? I've continued to hold to the belief that Jacob knew he was coming, even possibly summoned him. So now I'm kinda back on the side of thinking that Charles is fighting on the right side for the right things. Maybe Jacob even visited Charles off-island once upon a time, offering him a chance for his own redemption. But who really knows?


Strong Emotions


It was widely rumored that there would be at least one major death this week, and that it would bring the tears. Some friends and I debated whether it would be the Kwons, as their story had come full-circle (see: Sun putting Jin's ring back on his finger, that nasty bit of foreshadowing as they ran to each other at the sonic fenceline last episode), but we wondered whether we had truly come to care enough about Sun and Jin that this could be the Kleenex-box rumored death. Well, that's another question answered for me - how deep had the Korean couple gotten into our hearts? More than I imagined, anyway. Now, that said, did I cry? As I answered one friend on Facebook: "Believe it or not, NO! There was no sobbing. Honestly, it was kinda beyond that. I more just sat there with my jaw open, chest hurting, and brain running through all the ramifications, just feeling beyond sad."