I was wrong about Adam & Eve possibly being Rose & Bernard.


On the one hand I'm glad about that, because it's a feather in the cap of those who believed and defended the producers having had a good idea from the beginning of where this was all headed. Being "Raised by Another" and The Bad Twin manuscript are other great examples.


I also like it because now it opens up a different ending for Rose and Bernard (and Vincent). I want to know - if that's not Rose & Bernard in those caves, then what happened to them? Did they get flashed from 1977 into late 2007 when Juliet detonated the bomb, just like everyone else? If so, might they yet show up? Maybe even save the day?


It's also kinda cool because it validates all the references we've been getting to ancient history (although, sorry Hurley, "dinosaur times" is pushing it).


On the other hand, I did notice how the flashback scene at the end of this episode just happened to leave out Jack's line where he estimated the bodies had been there for "forty to fifty years." Forgive me for having trusted the decompository science of good Dr. Shephard in formulating my theories. I know the bodies have been largely protected from the elements inside the cave, but for there to still be clothing after more like 2,000 years? That's a bit of a stretch. Then again, so is a story about a magic waterfall and a big plume of menacing black smoke. But you won't hear me complaining (not yet anyway. Not very loudly).


What you will hear is me most likely being wrong again. But I don't know any other way to write this week's recap than to pull a Jurassic Park and make every attempt to "fill in the gene sequence gaps." So, as is probably appropriate with an episode that focused solely on Island mythology, I'll be doing a lot of theorizing and interpreting. The biggest danger of this method is that we strike off in one direction, follow it, and end up completely and totally off course. But that also feels apropos to the show, the way "the game" is played, and the way our characters have always interacted with the Island, so off we go. Besides, "one day you can make up your own game and everyone will have to follow your rules."


What Just Happened?


I'm starting at the end of the episode because much of what you will read in the rest of the recap is explained through the paradigm I have of what happened when Jacob pushed his brother into 'the Source' inside the waterfall. Perhaps the best way to describe it is to take you through the Instant Message conversation I had with my friend Travis Terral on Wednesday:


TT: So, any thoughts on how we transition from Jacob saying tearful goodbyes at the cave to sitting there, all content and happy on the beach, obviously knowing what his relationship is with oh-he's-not-dead-and-can't-die-by-his-hand No Name? That's one of my biggest puzzlers at this point, trying to see how that all came about in between them.


SM: Well, first off, I'm undecided on whether the Dark Kid was ever bad, or merely special (smart, inquisitive, "capable of lying and seeing dead people," then?). Both kids (and I think this is a big point of the show) struck me more as Innocents than good/bad. I am leaning towards his having washed into the cave releasing the black smoke as opposed to the black smoke having been his evil spirit/soul or whatever. But I'm still working through this.