When it was over, I responded to my friend Nicole (quoted above) with this: "Well said, Nic! Ain't that the truth? And kinda the point to so many things? As much as I love playing detective, I'm still a romantic at heart. So I loved the love stuff as a way of always finding each other across time and space and death. And love (including all the trials of it) being the key to knowing who was important to you and figuring out everything you can "let go" of to move on. I also think I'm going to find it quite fun to answer the remaining questions for myself in light of this whole paradigm the ending showed us. Honestly, most of the remaining questions I don't think they truly left unanswered. They're all in the text - we just have to discern them in the proper light now. They did such a job of making both the show's themes and the audience's experiences all about community and doing this thing called life and love together.


So yes, I think my friend John (also quoted above) is right - one thing the ending did was make little thing matter less. But as we know in life, it's often the little things - the details - that matter more once we sit down and puzzle our lives out. If we ever intend to do that with the show, we've got to confront the mysteries. So, yes, I think my friend Davida (quoted above) is also right, and it's those items we'll address here as best I can. I understand you may have other questions that I'm either snobbily thinking are too basic, or which I stupidly have not thought of yet. Feel free to drop me a line about those, and I'll get them added.


Answers We Got in the Finale Itself


Are Frank and Richard Dead or Alive? Alive!


Do the Alternate Timelines Merge? If so, how? No, no merge, because they weren't alternate timelines. Don't you know that you can't change history and whatever happened happened? Our original timeline tells the life stories of the LOSTies, how they once we lost but then were found. When they died, all of them between October 2004 and sometime maybe more around 3004 or 4004, they all started running into each other again in Death. And we learned that even Death can not stop True Love. All it can do is delay it for a while (amazing how many times the Princess Bride has been a useful quote this season).


How Does the Island End up Underwater? Well, it never did. Not in any world of the living anyway. If that had happened, I do believe the world of the living would cease to exist. And underwater, Source-extinguished Island would equal only Death existing. And just as life can not exist without death, neither can death exist without life. There would simply be… nothing. Just like Widmore seemed to say (maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all).


So Why Did We See it Underwater in the Flash-Sideways? What we were seeing was the DeadWorld of the 815ers. In that world the Island still had all its features which they remembered but it was just as dead and gone as they were, and could not touch them anymore.


Who Commissioned the Hydra Runway Project? This wasn't given any kind of direct answer, but I feel safe in assuming that if the MiB put the bug in Ben's ear to have the Others build it as a way to get Locke's corpse back to the Island, Jacob was a step ahead of him in their game knowing it could be used to fly the remaining survivors to safety after his replacement(s) saved the day and took over Island Operations.