1. Sarah is extremely good-looking.
People automatically attribute all kinds of winning and noble personal characteristics (intelligence, wisdom, maverickyness, etc.) to the exceptionally good-looking.
Con: It's too easy for the exceptionally good-looking to automatically attribute such qualities to themselves.

2. Sarah is highly intelligent.
Brains are good.
Con: Highly intelligent people who don't apply themselves to any sort of formal or deeply systematic education always think they're smarter than they are, and tend to lack humility.

3. Sarah seems extremely easy to offend.
Who isn't?
Con: Overly reactive  + unceasing media attention = Not Good.

4. Some people might think that Sarah's resignation speech (and subsequent CNN interview) made her seem crazy.
Crazy is interesting.
Con: Right after "interesting," crazy becomes scary. Then sad. Then boring.

5. Odds are Sarah will get her own radio talk show.
Pro: She'll be great at it!
Con: She'll be great at it!

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