I'm only five seasons late in finally achieving a vehicle with which to share my many thoughts about television's greatest show, but that's the breaks. I don't think not having entered my code here since 2004 is going to cause any planes to fall from the sky. At least I hope not.

Besides, the Season Six premier is still so far away. Connecting with it seems as impossible as putting the 1977 and 2007 LOSTies back together again. But that's where the fun begins. It's like a puzzle. Or better yet, a game.

When last we left the island, we were finally properly introduced to Jacob, dressed in white, and his nemesis, the nefarious "man in black" who made it known that:

  • Jacob's belief in people is greatly flawed
  • He's going to find a loophole through which he will (at long last?) kill Jacob (the implication is that there are "rules" in place that prevent this from being done directly).

And as the LOST producers told us, the revelations such as this one in the Season Five finale would be -- and I think they were being more literal than we at first believed -- a "game-changer."

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