If you haven’t gotten your hands on Salvo magazine, I strongly encourage you to do so.

Under the same mother company as Touchstone, Salvo differs in its punchy and edgy style, with a voice that will resonate with a postmodern culture. Below is an excerpt from their mission statement.


 “Blasting holes in scientific

naturalism, marveling at the intricate

design of the universe, and

promoting life in a culture of death…


Critiquing destructive ideologies,

replacing revisionist fictions with

undeniable facts, and paring away

political correctness.


Debunking myths that

have undercut human dignity, all but

destroyed the notions of virtue and

morality, and slowly eroded our

appetite for transcendence.


Recovering the one worldview that actually works.”


To get a feel for this bright, new apologetic vehicle, click here. (If you check closely, you may notice a feature by yours truly, which challenges the theories of gender identity.)