Since God saved me at 21 years old, I’ve always made it a habit to listen to a lot of preaching. Back in the day before sermons could be easily accessed online, I accumulated hundreds of tapes and CD’s with hours and hours of preaching from men who have, over the years, served as physicians of my soul. And in these days when my soul is needing extra nourishment, I’ve been going back and listening to some of my favorite sermons from my favorite preachers.

So, just for fun, I wanted to find out who the five best preachers are that you’ve ever heard? Not read, but heard? (This means that Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, and all the other dead guys that you should be reading, unfortunately can’t make the list.)
I think mine would be, in no particular order (by clicking their names you can go to a site where you can listen to their sermons):

1. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
2. Tim Keller
3. John Piper
4. Eric Alexander
5. Sinclair Ferguson

I thank God for all of these men and the way God has used them to keep me pressing on, straining forward, and looking up during these stretching days.